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High Five 100

Lake City, Colorado

"We love ultra running, not for the medals, fame, snacks, or fancy race swag. We love ultra running for the beating it gives us, for that dark place it takes us where we face our demons, for the challenge of toeing the line and not knowing what that day will throw at us. We love ultra running because when you reach that finish line after 100 miles, you're a better person in almost every way than you were before. We love it for the beautiful places it takes us, both physically and mentally. We love that in a world full of control and comfort we stand the chance of failure in a challenge like this. We stand the risk of giving it all we have and it not quite being good enough. But with that risk also comes the hope of achieving something extraordinary."

what is the High Five 100?

     100 Miles 

40,000'+ of Elevation Gain

Five 14,000' Peaks

Six 13,000’ Peaks

  48 Hours


In 2018 local ultra runners of Lake City came together to create a challenge meant to shake even the most elite runners to their core. What we came up with is the High Five 100. To complete this challenge, you must begin in Lake City and make your way on foot to 24 specified locations, consisting of proof points and checkpoints. The 6 checkpoints are the only areas you're allowed to get aid from your crew or the drop bag you provide. The 16 proof points are our way of proving you made it to the specific location. Instructions on proof points will be disclosed at the pre challenge meeting the evening before. You get to pick your own route between proof points and checkpoints but you must arrive at all points in order. For recognition of finishing the High Five 100 you must arrive back in Lake City before the 48 hour cutoff. The most practical route is estimated to be between 90 and 105 miles with over 40000 ft of elevation gain. Upon completing this challenge you will have summited five 14ers, five 13ers and traversed some of the most beautiful, rugged terrain in the San Juans. We expect all runners to follow the wilderness regulations and have respect for the land we get to enjoy. We do not charge an entry fee. We do not mark a course. We do not have aid stations. You will not get a medal if you finish. This is not your standard 100 miler. This challenge is made for the runners that live a life actively seeking out that hard thing, the thing that they will obsess and destroy themselves over, all in the name of finishing and achieving a goal that is seemingly impossible. Welcome to the High Five 100. 

How To Apply:


If you are interested in our challenge you can apply through UltraSignup. Prior to applying, applicants must complete a 100 mile mountain ultra and should have extensive experience running TOUGH 100 mile mountain ultras. Please include your race resume with your application, highlighting your ability to safely attempt our challenge. We will look closely at the resume you submit with your UltraSignup application. We don't just pick the most talented runners to take on the High Five. Beyond the minimum qualifications we look for people who have grit, mental toughness, a love for suffering, a positive attitude, are strong ambassadors for our sport, and the ability to thrive in the most relentless terrain and weather.   Even after all this, roughly one in three people finish and every one that has crossed that line agrees that it's the hardest physical challenge of their lives. Think long and hard before applying for this challenge.


Registration opens January 1st and closes February 1st. After registration closes the committee will review all the applicants and come up with a starter list along with a waitlist.

  *If it's determined we need more qualified applicants after the initial application window we may reopen registration.


August 9 - 11, 2024 Lake City, Colorado


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"Difficulties are just things to overcome, after all.

We had seen God in His splendors, heard the text that Nature renders. We had reached the naked soul of man.” 
― Ernest Shackleton

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