Where you need to go, how you get there is up to you

All proof points and check points must be accessed in the order listed below: 

 The start line in town of Lake City 

1. Crystal Peak proof point

2. Uncompahgre Peak Trailhead check point 

3. Uncompahgre Summit proof point

4. Wetterhorn Summit proof point

5. Capitol City check point 

6. Cooper Lake Ridge proof point

7. Handies Peak proof point

8. Grizzly Gulch Trailhead check point 

9. Red Cloud Summit proof point

10. Sunshine Peak Summit proof point

11.  Sherman town site/Cataract Trailhead check point 

12. Cataract Lake proof point

13. Carson Peak proof point

14. Bent Peak proof point 

15. Carson town site check point 

16. Colorado Trail Yurt proof point

17. Camp Trail Trailhead check point 

18. Whiley's proof point - Peak 13811

19. East and Middle Fork Alpine Trail confluence proof point

20. Finish proof point in town of Lake City

Proof points are our way of proving you made it to the specific locations listed above. All proof points will be easily identifiable and in an obvious location. Specific instructions on proof points will be disclosed at the pre challenge meeting the evening before. 

Checkpoint locations are the only areas you may receive aid from your crew or access your drop bags.