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Common Questions

Do you allow pacers?

  - Yes, you are allowed a pacer starting at the Capitol City checkpoint. 


Can my dog pace me? 

- Yes, you are allowed to run with your pet starting at the Capitol City checkpoint. 


Do you allow GPS watches/Phones?

  -Yes, we encourage all runners to use a mapping program to help guide them along their chosen route.


Do you allow crew?

  -Yes, crew can be accessed at any of the checkpoints. 


Do you have any aid stations?

  -No, if you require aid you can access it from your crew or your drop bag. 


Do you have a mandatory gear list?

  -Yes, the only mandatory gear is a self supplied tracking device, that we can follow your journey on. We do recommend you cary proper hydration, nutrition, rain shell, rain pants, water filter, first aid, phone, fire making material, map, compass and anything else you feel necessary. But at the end of the day it's up to you. 

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